Mercury Retrograde Collection

Navigate Mercury Retrograde with confidence using our curated collection of crystals, jewelry and tools carefully selected to shield, empower, and guide you through the twists and turns of this cosmic phenomenon.

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Elevate Your Spirit: Immerse Yourself in the Radiance of High-Vibration Healing Crystals for Empowerment and Transformation. Harness the Energy, Embrace the Power, Illuminate Your Path.

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Crystal Jewelry

Adorn Yourself with Intent: Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry Infused with the Healing Energy of Reiki. Our Crystal Jewelry Collection Radiates Personalized Harmony for Your Journey.

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Crystal Tools

Amplify Your Journey: Explore Our Collection of Energy Tools and Enlightening Guides, Elevating Your Healing Experience.

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At JBGC we value Authenticity, Education, Empowerment and High-Vibes! Our goal is to teach you how to confidently create and maintain a daily crystal routine that supports your wellness, spiritual growth and high-vibe life.

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