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JB Goddess Crystals

Moon Manifestation Crystal Set

Moon Manifestation Crystal Set

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Harness the power of the lunar cycles and manifest your intentions with our Moon Manifestation Crystal Set.  The Moon Manifestation Crystal Set is a celestial collection that guides you through the phases of the moon to amplify your energy and intentions.

If you want to enhance your intention manifestation, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with the moon's energy, the Moon Manifestation Crystal Set is your complete and empowering tool. Each crystal and tool in this bundle corresponds to a specific moon phase, from setting intentions with Labradorite during the New Moon to releasing negativity with Black Tourmaline during the Waning Moon. The included digital guide is filled with JB’s professional insights and guidance on how to work with each Moon phase.

This bundle includes a Moon-Shaped Selenite Charging Bowl, a Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Bracelet, a Labradorite Crystal Bracelet, a Selenite Palm Stone, a Labradorite Palm Stone for the New Moon, Rough Green Aventurine Crystal for the Waxing Moon, Rainbow Moonstone Crystal for the Full Moon, and Black Tourmaline Crystal for the Waning Moon. Additionally, you'll receive a digital guide to help you harness the lunar energies effectively.


Use the Moon Manifestation crystals and tools for meditation, energy work, intention setting, and moon rituals. Allow the powerful energies of these crystals to enhance your intentions, promote spiritual growth, and synchronize with the lunar cycle.

Order your Moon Manifestation Crystal Set today to experience intention manifestation, spiritual alignment, and lunar magic.


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