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JB Goddess Crystals

Cord Cutting Crystal Kit

Cord Cutting Crystal Kit

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Our Cord Cutting Crystal Kit will help you let go of unhealthy connections and regain your spiritual sovereignty.  The Cord Cutting Crystal Kit is designed to assist you in severing unwanted energetic connections and attachments. This kit includes a Selenite Knife, Black Kyanite, a Selenite Palm Stone, and a digital workbook to guide you through the cord-cutting process.

Each crystal in this kit carries unique properties to assist in cord-cutting and energy clearing, from the precision of the Selenite Knife to the grounding and protective qualities of Black Kyanite.  This kit will empower you to release what no longer serves your highest good.  

If you want spiritual freedom, emotional healing, and the ability to cut energetic cords that bind you, the empowering and transformative Cord Cutting Crystal Kit is for you.  Use the Selenite Knife and Black Kyanite to cut cords, and hold the Selenite Palm Stone for healing and protection. The included digital workbook is filled with JB’s professional insights and guidance on how to perform cord-cutting rituals effectively.

Order your Cord Cutting Crystal Kit today and release the ties that bind and achieve spiritual freedom today!

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