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JB Goddess Crystals



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Step into the vibrant world of Malachite, the crystal that carries the transformative energies of growth and healing.  Malachite promotes personal transformation, enhances protection, and stimulates spiritual growth.  Malachite is a must-have for those seeking to harness their inner strength and embrace positive change.

If you want to experience personal growth, protection, and a deeper connection with your inner self, Malachite is your vibrant ally. Its nurturing energy empowers you to shed old patterns, fosters emotional healing, and encourages you to embrace life's cycles of transformation. 

Place Malachite in your sacred space to enhance transformational energies, wear it as jewelry to carry its protective energy with you, or use it during meditation to connect with the healing essence of nature.

Welcome the protective and growth-promoting energy of Malachite to empower your personal journey and connect with the cycles of life.


Measures approx. 1".  Due to its natural quality, every crystal will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern


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