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Hematoid Golden Healer Quartz

Hematoid Golden Healer Quartz

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Start your journey of profound healing and transformation with Hematoid Golden Healer Quartz! Hematoid Golden Healer Quartz harmonizes the grounding power of Hematite with the radiant energy of Golden Healer Quartz and is a true fusion of Earth's energies. Renowned for its unique ability to ground, heal, and uplift, this crystal is a must-have for those seeking to balance their energies and experience powerful healing.

If you need grounding, healing, and a deeper connection with your higher self, Hematoid Golden Healer Quartz is your crystal companion. Its harmonizing energy clears blockages, fosters emotional healing, and encourages you to step into your full potential.

Use it during meditation to balance your energies, carry it with you throughout the day to carry its transformative energy with you, or place it in your sacred space to enhance healing and spiritual growth.

Experience the powerful combination of grounding and healing, and elevate your journey towards balance and self-discovery!


Measures approx. ¾” to 1”.  Due to its natural quality, every crystal will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern.


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