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Star Selenite Charging Bowl

Star Selenite Charging Bowl

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Enhance your crystal collection and spiritual practice with our Star Selenite Charging Bowl. Selenite has the ability to cleanse and charge both crystals and spaces,  making it an essential crystal tool for your collection.  In the shape of the sacred star symbol, this Selenite Charging Bowl enhances the energy of spiritual insight and enlightenment.  This Star Selenite Charging Bowl is designed to cleanse, charge, and elevate the energies of your crystals, jewelry and environment.

Place your crystals and crystal jewelry within the bowl to store, cleanse and charge them with pure energy, meditate with it to enhance spiritual insights, or simply use it as a decorative piece to infuse your space with the clarity and serenity of Selenite. 

Order your Star Selenite Charging Bowl today to elevate your spiritual practice and keep your crystals, jewelry and space vibrating at their highest frequency!

Measures approx. 4”.  These bowls are made from natural Selenite crystals and they may have small chips or imperfections from the polishing process. They are each unique and will slightly vary in size, shape and color. 

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