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Chrysocolla Crystal Bracelet

Chrysocolla Crystal Bracelet

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Embrace the soothing and transformative energies of Chrysocolla with our Chrysocolla Crystal Bracelet!  Our Chrysocolla Crystal Bracelet enhances emotional healing, promotes inner balance, and empowers communication.  This bracelet is a must-have for those seeking to find peace and express their truths.  If you want emotional healing, inner harmony, and a deeper connection with your authentic self, the Chrysocolla Crystal Bracelet is your nurturing companion. Its calming energies invite you to wear it daily, supporting your emotional well-being and encouraging open and honest communication. 

This Chrysocolla Crystal Bracelet is an essential addition to your collection. Wear it as a beautiful and meaningful accessory to carry the energies of Chrysocolla with you throughout the day, promoting emotional healing and authentic self-expression.

To use, simply place the bracelet on your wrist and set your intention. Throughout the day, focus on your intention whenever you catch a glimpse of the bracelet on your wrist. At night, remove the bracelet and place it on a Selenite crystal to cleanse and recharge its energy.

Order your Chrysocolla Crystal Bracelet today and immerse yourself in the harmonizing and emotionally healing energies it brings to your life.

Measures about 7.5".  Beads are 6mm.

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