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Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet

Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet

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Harness the powerful and grounding energies of Bloodstone with our Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet, a captivating and revitalizing accessory that connects you with the vitality and strength of this remarkable crystal.  Our Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet enhances physical vitality, promotes courage, and provides a shield of protection.  If you need increased energy, courage, and a deeper connection with your inner strength, the Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet is your empowering companion. Its grounding energies invite you to wear it daily, supporting your physical well-being and encouraging you to face challenges with courage.  Wear it to carry the energies of Bloodstone with you throughout the day, promoting vitality, courage, and protection.

To use, simply place the bracelet on your wrist and set your intention. Throughout the day, focus on your intention whenever you catch a glimpse of the bracelet on your wrist. At night, remove the bracelet and place it on a Selenite crystal to cleanse and recharge its energy.

Order your Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet today and immerse yourself in the revitalizing and empowering energies it brings to your life.


Measures about 7.5".  Beads are 6mm.

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