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JB Goddess Crystals



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Embrace the revitalizing and heart-opening energy of Chrysoprase!  Chrysoprase radiates with the healing power of love and abundance and promotes emotional healing, enhances compassion, and attracts prosperity.  Chrysoprase is a must-have for those seeking to open their hearts and invite abundance into their lives.  If you want emotional balance, increased empathy, and a deeper connection with the blessings of the universe, Chrysoprase is the crystal you need. Its gentle energy soothes emotional wounds, encourages self-acceptance, and invites abundance to flow into your life.

Wear it as jewelry to carry its heart-healing energy with you, keep it in your living space for a loving ambiance, or use it during meditation to connect with the abundance of the universe.

Welcome the heart-opening and prosperous energy of Chrysoprase to find emotional balance and open your heart to the beauty of abundance.


Measures approx. ¾” to 1”.  Due to its natural quality, every crystal will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern.


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