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JB Goddess Crystals

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

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Find inspiration and clarity with Blue Apatite!  Blue Apatite is known to stimulate creativity, enhance communication, and promote personal growth, and is a must-have for those seeking mental clarity and inspiration.  If you are looking for heightened creativity, improved communication skills, and a deeper connection with your inner self, Blue Apatite is your guiding light. Its vibrant yet calming energy clears mental clutter, boosts creativity, and encourages self-expression.

Place Blue Apatite in your workspace to boost productivity, wear it as jewelry for constant inspiration, or use it during meditation to tap into your inner wisdom. 

Embrace the inspiring and clarifying energy of Blue Apatite to elevate your mental acuity and connect with your inner truth.


Measures approx. 1”.  Due to its natural quality, every crystal will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern.

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